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Nail Art Courses

Unleash your creativity with our Nail Art Course. Discover the latest techniques, explore diverse styles, and transform nails into stunning masterpieces. Perfect for beginners and aspiring professionals.

Nail Art Courses

One Day Nail Art Course

One Day
Module 1: Nail Art Basics
Module 2: Advanced Nail Art Techniques
100% Placement

1-Week Nail Art Course

5 dys
Module 1: Basic Nail Art Techniques
Module 2: Intermediate Nail Art Techniques
Module 3: Advanced Nail Art Techniques
Module 4: Nail Art Business Basics
100% Placement

45-Day Nail Art Course

45 days
Module 1: Introduction to Nail Art
Module 2: Nail Art Techniques and Designs
Module 3: Nail Art Tools and Equipment
Module 4: Advanced Nail Art Techniques
Module 5: Nail Art for Special Occasions
Module 6: Nail Art Business and Marketing
100% Placement

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